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CANDICE HOYES is a multi-genre artist poised to “shape the modern musician-cum-activist role” for her generation [NPR]

Soulful and classically trained, Candice's love of music began at age six when she began studying piano and eavesdropping as her grandfather spun iconic jazz vinyls that filled their home. This season, she performed at the legendary Blue Note NYC, The Public Theater, Harlem Stage, La Petite Halle in Paris and BET France. Recently, Vibe Magazine named her one of the top NYC underground artists to watch in 2018 and Man Repeller dubbed her “a quadruple threat: a talented jazz artist, style icon, feminist and historian.”


Hoyes has shared the stage with Wynton Marsalis, Lin Manuel Miranda, Philip Glass, Deepak Chopra, and Wycliffe Gordon, and is a popular collaborator among her contemporaries. She began formal vocal study as an undergraduate at Harvard University, soon gracing the international stages of Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center as an award-winning classical soloist.




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