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You could say I'm a musician as a function of appetite. This Stravinsky quote just stuck with me once I read it, it's that fitting. My family says that by age two, I loved to recite the pledge of allegiance, jingles and songs for anyone who would listen. Before I could read or write, I expressed myself in music. 

Like appetite, I need to consume music. I expect it to wake me in the morning and keep me up at night. This appetite encompasses the necessary failures, sacrifices, discipline, adventure and often times pleasure that goes with it. That said, my music has the power to bring happiness to a room, to a listener who feels lonely but for her playlist, and has brought me countless joy filled moments.


Spreading the performing arts to new audiences, especially ones that look like me, is one of my most treasured life experiences. I’m loyal to this journey which nourishes me even with its challenges, and fortifies me to be of greater service.

© Jett Drolette

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